Important Announcement for All Users March 18

A minority of users have reported a sync issue. This sync error occurs between their app and our secure cloud server. This means that these users are unable to sync to the cloud and the data is only stored on their phone. There are a few symptoms that may hint at this issue. While we are working to correct this issue, we encourage all users to do the following:

If you are an active user of Medberry then it is incredibly important that you follow these steps in order to check to see if you are having an issue: 

  1. Do an export on the reports page of your app. Help here
  2. Open the spreadsheet that starts with RAWDATA
  3. Scroll to the right and check to see that the columns labelled createdAt, updatedAt & objectID are filled in. 

If the columns are all filled in and look like this then your app is working fine. 


If your columns look like this however, with blank spaces in objectid, updatedat and createdat, then unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the files have synced with the server. Which puts you at risk of data loss if your handset is lost, upgraded or damaged. 


We are working tirelessly to create a fix for this, alongside a contingency for the future. At present please make sure you keep regular backups of your exports and please contact us on in order for us to fix the issue, including a copy of both of the export files. 

Data security is our number one priority and we are sorry that this has happened. It is due to some updates in Apple iOS which conflict with our secure server software. 



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