Customised reports for ARCP or Module Reviews

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Medberry currently supports a full RCoA general report. This does give you some extra information, such as ICU cases etc, but it may not be in a logical way for some of your specialised modules. 

As an interim measure until we implement specialised data searches I will try and show you how to get the data you require for your modules using our CSV export feature and Excel. 

What you need:

  • An export of your data for whatever date range you require. Info on how to do this here.
  • A copy of microsoft excel
  • These instructions are for a mac but should also work for a PC

The idea here is that we give you an idea of how to sort your data so that it is a little more meaningful for your ARCP. This can be done by using some basic functions of excel. 

  • Open your exported file in excel. It is currently a CSV file (which basically means the each bit of data is separated by a comma) and you will need to save it as an XLS or XLSX file.
  • Hit File > Save and then select XLS or XLSX at the bottom of the screen.
  • Hit OK to save the file.

Next we use some functions of excel.

  • Open the XLS file
  • Click on the data tab

  • Hit filter and the top row should change so that all the items have a little arrow next to them like this:

  • If we use Obstetrics as an example we would be looking at trying to get the following data:
  1. Number of epidurals inserted 
  2. Epidural top-up LSCS 
  3. Spinal LSCS elective 
  4. Spinal LSCS urgent 
  5. GA LSCS
  • Although some of this data is included in the RCoA report it may not completely accurate for each speciality. Therefore in order to select only Obstetric cases:
  • Click on Speciality and then select Obstetric from the drop down menu:

  • A the bottom of the screen it will give you a total number of records which should tally up with your RCoA report.
  • In order to work out how many Epidurals you have done in Obs you can then repeat the above steps and click on the arrow next to Regional and select Epidural. Looking at the bottom left corner it will give you a total number of Epidurals.

  • And so in screen shot it says I have done 30 Epidurals in Obstetrics.
  • This can then be repeated for Epidural top-ups LSCS, Spinal LSCS elective, Spinal LSCS urgent, GA LSCS. 
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