Problems with subscription

A valid subscription is required to use the app. The app checks that you have a subscription and then notifies you if it is invalid. If you have a valid subscription you should be able to log cases both on and offline. Apples subscription service has quirks. If you have problems with your subscription then the following may help:

Check which version of iOS you are running in your apple settings. There is a quirk with Apples iOS that affects users with iOS 8.2 or lower. Please update to the latest version of iOS by going to your phones settings. 

Try restoring your subscriptions status in the Medberry settings. Click the subscriptions link and then restore in the top right hand corner.

next try logging out and back in after restoring

if this all fails to work then Export your data, check that you have received an email with you data as a spreadsheet, and then delete and reinstall the app.

if none of this works please get in touch with us and we can come up with a fix. 

Any more problems, let us know at

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