Being a Tester and Testflight instructions

Testing is generally done via Apples own testing platform called Testflight.  This platform is not the most intuitive to use unfortunately but we have no control over this.  

Before testing always export your data so you have a record that can be restored if required. 

You should receive an email from TestFlight with a link to the testing app. TestFlight can be downloaded via the email or from here.


The TestFlight app links to your email address and will look like this:


If Medberry does not appear on the TestFlight screen then please let us know. Sometimes it says you need a code, this is not something we ever have and is just a quirk of Apples testing platform. Contact us on and we can help. So in summary:

  • You will receive an email from us notifying you there is a new release
  • Do an export of your data before anything else
  • You will receive an email from TestFlight asking you to click a link to agree to beta test the new release
  • TestFlight can be downloaded from here
  • You install the new release, it will have an orange dot next to it to show that it is a test release. Your data is safe and will not be lost. 
  • It is valid for one month. When it expires you will need to either test a new version or download the released version
  • Feedback can be done directly through testflight or via email.

If you are a tester then in general please:

  • Use the app as if it was your logbook
  • Minimum testing protocol is:
    - Do an export and check you receive 2 spreadsheets
    - Login (particularly helpful if from Facebook/twitter)
    - Logout
    - Add cases
    - Delete cases
    - Add more cases
    - Do this offline as well as online
    - Check they are in the history
    - Delete the app and reinstall
    - Are the cases still there?
    - Do an export
    - Check it looks correct and that the columns objectID are filled in for all cases
    - Do a report, RCoA and Medberry enhanced, and check that it looks correct
  • Use as many features as possible
  • There will be specific things to test with each build emailed to you separately

Then please feedback to us that everything is working well or anything you have noticed

Please then:

  • Report any bugs or problems
  • Any niggling issues
  • Any issues (for example the location resets a lot and you have to re enter it, report this as an issue and we will fix it for he next version).
  • Be clear and concise with issues (i.e. Issue: No way to select locations other than UK. Report: Please give users a way to add further operations)

If you know anyone who would want to test then please let us know. If you do not test or do not want to continue testing then we will remove you from the list and this will also remove your free subscription. In order to maintain the free subscription we expect you to be actively testing the product. 

Please do not give up and persevere with the apps and suggestions. Email us through this support page or update a FAQ :)


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