Logging ITU or Critical Care cases

Medberry has been designed to log ITU cases.  Lets face it there is no good ITU logbook on the market, until now!

There are two enhancements to allow this:

  1. Critical care tab and specific operations (not really operations but have a look and you will see what I mean)
  2. ITU speciality tab.

So, first of all tap on speciality and select Critical Care (think of a better icon then let us know!). Then if you select under operation it comes up with a number of choices such as admission, cardiac arrest etc. Select the one that fits the situation the most. 

Then by selecting the ITU tab it brings up this list:

You can select one of these with your cases. For example if you deal with an acute asthmatic in the EM then put them under respiratory.  The idea is that when we produce the report it will pull out cases from ITU and show them as part of your report. 

Happy logging!

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