Signing Up. Facebook? Twitter? You what!

So you need an account to use Medberry so that you can store your data and keep it to yourself. We have three ways of signing up.

1. Create your own Username and Password.
2. Facebook
3. Twitter

Info at the later two can be found in this support forum.  

If you want to signup with a Username and password then just click the signup button. You will be asked your Username, password and an email address. You should then be taken to the Add Case Screen and you can start logging. You do need some form of internet connection for this part. The app doesn't work by magic. Yet ;)

Twitter and Facebook

The twitter and Facebook login systems are completely independent to the data. They allow a quick and easy way for you to log into Medberry. Data is not shared over your twitter or Facebook feed, it is simply a security measure to allow you, and only you, to access your data. If you feel unsure about this then you can always chose a username and password on the signup page.

If you have chosen Facebook to login then you will require the Facebook app to be installed on your phone for this to work. If it is not then you will return an error message that looks a little like this:

If you do have Facebook loaded onto your phone then you will be asked if you are happy to authorise the app and you will then be taken through a verification process. Once this is complete and you have allowed the relevant permissions you will be logged in. Yay. Next time you restart your phone you will be faced with the login screen again Just click Facebook and you should be taken straight through to the add case screen. You will also use these details on the web version of Medberry.

If you have chosen Twitter to login then you will need the Twitter app loaded onto your phone. Click twitter and it will take you through to an authorisation window where you will need to login to authorise the app. Once authorised you should be logged into the Medberry add case screen. Yay. Each time you restart your phone you will be asked to log into Medberry for security reasons. By pushing the twitter button you short cut this step.

At Medberry we take you data very seriously and so we have implemented a number of levels of security to make sure it remains safe. You do need an internet connection for this part. The app does not work by magic. Yet ;)

Happy logging :)

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